...and, let me just say, I'm so thrilled you are checking out my site!

For a little background, I've been in the hair game since 2009 (Damn! has it really been that long?!). I started my career with an apprenticeship under the Aveda Institute followed by an extensive curriculum with Pivot Point. I have been blessed with some amazing work places and, in 2018, I decided to go out on my own. It's been a fun journey and working with clients that make you feel like you're enjoying a chill sesh with friends makes it all worthwhile.

Beyond my career as a hairstylist, I have quite the taste for adventure. I will never turn down the opportunity to try a new cuisine and if I have to travel to get there, even better! Because of my husband, Jake, I've been introduced and have been playing competitive paintball for about 10 years. The sport has allowed us to travel and compete nationally - me, with my all female team and alongside Jake for larger team tournaments and scenario games.

Our family has grown recently from the two of us and our pair of spoiled rotten pits, Deebo and Khloe. After our years' long IVF journey, we welcomed our rainbow baby boy, Bo. He's been an absolute joy and, when we're not ooh-ing and ahh-ing over his cuteness, we love spending time watching one of our 800 DVDs (life in the boonies, I tell ya!) or going four-wheeling on our property. But really nothing's better than hanging out and laughing with friends and family.

Oh hey! I'm Anne...

Now my passion for hair may have started when I was young, but the goal has always been the same - to see a transformation! I am a HUGE advocate for continuing education and staying updated on the latest trends. I appreciate hair as an art form and what better way to challenge your creativity than with a unique canvas that has a personality and lifestyle behind it?! I mean, seriously! I get to really know somebody and then create a look that enhances their natural beauty and compliments the person within. It doesn't get any better than that.

My goal is to give you a look and regimen that works with your lifestyle. I think it's important to have a cut that speaks for itself (but doesn't want to speak to the manager) - that works just as well when you spend an extra 20 minutes on it as it does with minimal product and effort.

And that color?! GIRL! I'm all about a color that gives life from the time you get out of my chair to the next time you're in it. I want your girlfriends to look at you and think "Damn! Has she had these sun-kissed, stunning locks since birth and I'm just now noticing?!". The keyword is longevity - coordinating a balance of dimensional pieces with a gradient blend that creates a seamless grow out that lasts weeks and weeks, That, my friend, is the hair gift that keeps on giving!

But there's another part to it all - the experience! As a new mama balancing work, family, home and all that's in between, now more than ever do I understand the value of quality time. Not the "spend 20 minutes locked in the bathroom just so I have a moment to myself" quality time, but that weight-lifting exhale, best nap ever, snagged the last piece of pie feeling. When you sit in my chair, I want you to get the full experience and leave knowing you are truly living your best life. Enjoy upgraded refreshments, music or tv of your choosing, good conversation (or quiet time!), a relaxing shampoo experience and a bomb ass blowout - plus much more!

So where do we go from here? If you're down for a luxe hair experience in a laid back atmosphere, then I'm your girl! Let's schedule a complimentary consultation, discuss your hair goals, and make a plan that works for you!

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