What if I’m running late to my appointment? 
First call and give me a heads up. If you are running more than 15 minutes late I recommend that you reschedule your appointment. This is because if you show up late it creates a domino effect where all my other clients’ appointments get pushed back and they have to figure out how to frantically rearrange their day. I understand that things come up and if it’s some sort of emergency situation just call.

How far in advance can I cancel my appointment? 
I require 24 hours notice for cancellations or rescheduling. 

Can I bring my children with me to my appointment?
Because of the nature of the co-owned space my studio is located in, children cannot be unsupervised. It is disruptive to the other business owners if a child is running around into other people's studio spaces. However, if you have a child who sits quietly by themselves and doesn’t need parental supervision they are more than welcome to come with you.

What payment methods do you offer?
Payments can be made by Credit Card, Cash, and Venmo (yeah I’m hip like that! lol)

What if I’m not satisfied with my hair after the appointment? 
You have a 48 hr window after your appointment where you can contact me to get it redone if something just wasn’t what you had expected prior to our thorough discussions at your consultation.

Do you do fantasy colors (i.e. hot pink, purple etc.)?
Yes, but I require a complimentary color consultation before any appointment is made in order for me to assess what steps need to be implemented to get you to your dream hair color. For some of the brighter colors it takes a few appointments to get to the desired color. Keep in mind that you can’t get unicorn hair overnight.

Do you provide consultation appointments?
Yes, they are absolutely free.
My hair is JACKED, do you do color corrections?
I totally understand! Whether it’s a shady salon experience or an at-home job, bad things CAN happen. No worries, I can fix your color. But I require you to schedule a color correction consultation appointment beforehand so we can discuss what steps need to be taken to get you back to the hair you want.

Do you have any recommendations for hair upkeep and maintenance? 
Of course I do! During your appointment, we will discuss your current care and maintenance routine and I will educate you on any additions to your regimen. As every person is different, so is their upkeep. We’ll look together to make a schedule that is realistic and works well with your lifestyle! If you ever have a product, styling or maintenance question, feel free to contact me. 

What’s your policy on gratuity?
Gratuity is appreciated as it helps support my other costs as a small business owner, but it’s always at your discretion as to what you feel comfortable with.

Do you offer an option to purchase a gift card for my friend?
Yes Absolutely. Just call or ask.